Plans for full-time resource officers in Marshall Co. schools in discussion

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A plan for full-time school resource officers in Marshall County schools is in the works, but there are several pieces that need to fall into place before it can happen.

Recently, Marshall County hit a milestone. They were able to put part-time resource officers in each county school. It took a partnership between the county commission, the legislature, and the school board to make it happen.

As the new school year started, the entities announced a new plan to fund full-time officers, along with the part-time officers at each county school.

Officials are working to get that done as quickly as possible, but it could take some time. Commission Chairman James Hutcheson says the commission approved their portion of the funding. Now, Hutcheson says the other entities have to check off their portion, then the plan needs approval from another county board.

“It’s got to go to the personnel board now,” Hutcheson says, “The school resource officers have got to be set up as a special category of County employee.”

Hutcheson says they’re hoping to get that approval soon. “It’s coming together, just anything like this takes a little time,” Hutcheson says.

In the meantime, part-time officers are stationed at the county’s schools.

The legislature says they are still in the process of discussing their portion of the funding. The school board wasn’t able to return our calls Wednesday.

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