Part of Jackson County Park re-opening, EMA asking for help restoring personal items

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The investigation into a deadly dock fire in Jackson County is continuing, but there is some good news.

Jackson County EMA Director Paul Smith said the area of the park near KC’s BBQ and the park store will re-open Monday morning, allowing the public to access the restaurant.

However, Smith said the south boat ramp will remain closed and the docks will be restricted to residents only.

Smith also anticipated part of the river will be re-opened to local traffic as the containment area continues to shrink, but ALEA Marine Patrol will still be in the area to keep the public away from the investigation.

Smith said the Alabama Department of Environment Management has tested the water in three different areas and found no chemicals or fish or wildlife kills.

Smith stated crews recovered some photographs and personal items that had fallen out of boats or otherwise escaped the fire. He asked volunteers to help restore and dry the items before they are damaged beyond repair. Volunteers can contact Jackson County EMA at (256) 574-9344 or

Smith said ADEM will continue to work throughout the weekend, while salvage crews will resume their work Monday.

The recovery process “has run smoothly,” and Smith said he was grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.

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