Parents Want Answers About Mold at Valley Head High School

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Several parents contacted us in the past day, asking us to look into a situation at Valley Head High School concerning mold.

Police, firefighters and EMA personnel were at the school Friday to look into the situation.

Several parents said they called DeKalb County Superintendent Hugh Taylor’s office to complain about the mold.  They said students have been sick due to the mold.

WHNT News 19 called Taylor’s office to try to get answers.

Taylor was not in, but a staff member said she wasn’t certain what type of mold it was. She did say she was told it was not detrimental to anyone in the school.

Taylor was notified about the mold in November 2013, she said, through an email from a teacher.  The school system treated it immediately, but that didn’t get rid of the problem.

The school system got bids to resolve the problem and now they have someone contracted to do it during spring break while the school is closed. They did that to keep the students from being exposed, the person said.

DeKalb County EMA director Anthony Clifton says special efforts are being made to resolve the issue. His office sent samples of the plaster off to be tested for asbestos and construction is stopped on that particular project until the results come back. He said they are taking every precaution to keep the kids and teachers safe.

At least one instance of suspected mold was found to be black paint, according to Clifton.

WHNT News 19 is working to get more information on this story.  We’ll continue to update

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