ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Several people in Alabama say that a home contractor is giving others a bad name. 

Eller’s Odds N’ Ends Handyman and Construction Services seemingly has no known business address, but some say it’s known to leave many jobs unfinished after taking thousands of dollars from those customers. 

Sara Nussle of Albertville says she contacted News 19 because she had nowhere else to turn. She hired Eller’s Odds N’ Ends to pave her driveway. She says they took a deposit of nearly $10,000 in April and she hasn’t spoken with them by phone since then. 

Others have reached out wanting the alleged scam to come to an end.  

The driveway of the home owned by Nussel was demolished by the company to start the job. She wanted to fix it up and she had every reason to trust Odd’s N’ Ends to do the job based on good reviews and results. 

“At the point of looking, their reviews were 4.8,” said Nussel. “But they need to be stopped.” 

That rating means nothing to Nussle at this point. She handed Odds N’ Ends $10,000 of her hard-earned money for them to start the driveway in April, only for them to never return to finish the job. Nussle says they didn’t even have the proper equipment to do the job. 

“As they are jackhammering, the jack kept breaking,” she explained. “They had to tie it up to try to get some work done and they were here for an hour and a half trying to fix it and do this work. They got a small section done and then I said to them, you might want to consider renting bigger equipment because this is a big job.” 

That’s the last that she saw of Eller’s in person.  

John Taylor of Margaret, Alabama says he hired Eller’s for small jobs in his home. But when he hired them for a bigger job, the company took their deposit for materials. 

“When I followed up on the materials purchase, it had never been made,” Taylor told News 19. “I started getting kind of a bad feeling about that. I’m sad that they have done this and more to other people as I am finding out now because they did do good work.”

There is no website or valid contractor’s license for Eller’s Odds N’ Ends, but they do have a Facebook page that offers a wide range of services from gardening to construction. The bad experiences and reviews are starting to mount.

Sara Nussle had to fork over another $20,000 to have her driveway completed by another company. 

“At this point, I probably won’t get my money back, but they need to be stopped,” Nussel concluded. “That’s when I started to see more and more people were putting bad reviews on their Facebook page.” 

News 19 reached out to Eller’s Odds N’ Ends Service and Construction from the number listed on their page, but did not hear back.