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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – A mother whose child attends Geraldine Elementary says her son fell into a hole on May 8th, and now has a gash across his head, and a concussion.

While taking care of her son, she’s realized that the school hasn’t done anything to prevent other children from hurting themselves.

Candace Sammons hurried to Geraldine Elementary, to find her son Carsyn with a 1.5-inch gash across his head. She immediately took him to the hospital where doctors told her that the injury could have been much worse.

But now that her son is recovering, Sammons is wondering why the 15-inch deep hole is there without any barriers or adult supervision.

“There’s really no way to keep the kids away and protected from that drainage at any time going down that hill because they all run up and down it to leave the school and to go to school and classes… you know they can get hurt,” explained Sammons.

So WHNT News 19 reached out to Geraldine School’s Principal to ask what their plan was to prevent this same accident from happening again.

Jason Mayfield, Geraldine’s Principal showed us that they have put up caution tape, and told us they’re working on changes.

“We’ve blocked off the area so it’s not going to be in use while we wait on our maintenance department to determine a plan of action to correct the area,” said Mayfield.

Mayfield has apologized to Carsyn and hopes that he’ll return to school soon with the hole gone, and happier times at Geraldine ahead of him.