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RAINSVILLE, Ala. – Proper career preparation helps build a strong workforce.

“They’re an opportunity for the students to just dip their toes in the water of different stem fields,” says Mike Kennarmar, Director of Workforce Development.

The Northeast Alabama Community College workshops will introduce a variety a subjects like “precision machining, solid works design, welding, soldering, basic PC maintenance and security. We also have one where they build an electronics project.”

Many are unaware about the different careers that a STEM related education can provide.

“Manufacturing jobs are stem related jobs. Jobs in transportation can be stem related,” said Kennamar.

STEM-related skills can also be found in DeKalb’s number one industry.

“Even jobs in agriculture now are stem related with all the technology that’s out there in the agriculture industry.”

The workshops target students as young as fifth grade, because you’re never too young to start thinking about your future.

“So what theses workshops tend to do I believe is put some options out there for students to let them discover if this is something they’re interested in.”

The STEM workshops will begin the beginning of June. If you have a student interested in STEM workshops you can click here to access Northeast Alabama Community College STEM website.