North Sand Mountain receives $5,000 from IMPACT Learning for a new Zspace

Northeast Alabama
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HIGDON, Ala. – Zspace isn’t like the traditional teaching experience.

“This right here just kind of gives them a hands on 3D experience,” said Principal Dustin Roden.

It’s a machine that provides modules on many different subjects from an animal’s anatomy to even a break down of the earth’s surface.

Jackson Wooden, an 11th grader at North Sand Mountain said his interest is cars. Zspace helps him visualize what he’s being taught in the classroom, that way he can better understand information.

“You can like look at the engines and all the separate parts of the car. There’s the model reader. Shows the size of the model compared to the actual size.”

Not only is Zspace providing a hands on learning experience, but it’s also preparing students for what’s to come after high school.

“I like dissecting the animals and looking at all the engines and stuff because I want to get my animal science degree and my architect degree,” said Paris Cornelison, an 11th grader.

No one is too young for Zspace. Principal Roden wants to provide this experience for every student at North Sand Mountain.

“We’re starting it in kindergarten. Not just for junior high and high school. We’re rotating classes through this lab. It’s kind of like library time.

The school’s goal is to have at least 10 Zspace machines for each school level, making sure every student at any grade level gets a chance to learn in this way.

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