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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. — A nonprofit organization donated an armor package for each officer at the Hollywood Police Department.

Over the summer, law enforcement agencies across the nation made lip sync videos to battle it out for the win.

Hollywood Police Chief Jason Hepler and K9 Fox did one to MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine.” It went viral and won the contest. 

Hepler said he picked the song because it had a big impact on his life.

Fast forward to now, when  Hepler got a phone call from a nonprofit organization called Shield616.  “They have a mission to outfit law enforcement agencies with gear that they can’t typically afford, that provides them with better protection,” he explained.

The organization sent armor packages for each officer that include a trauma kit, a ballistic helmet, a plate carrier vest, and pouches with rifle rated armor. The equipment adds a higher level of protection.

“They’re a Christian-based organization, and I guess when they saw our Christian-based lip sync video they reached out to us, so I guess it touched something for them,” Hepler said.

The packages were $1500 per set, that’s a lot of money for any department. “It’s a major blessing, because it’s not something where we could just go out and say ‘hey, we want this stuff,’ so we can get it. But now when we go to those major calls, or we have those issues where the threat’s elevated, we can make sure our officers are safe,” Hepler said.