Newly re-elected Marshall County Schools superintendent looks at goals for next term

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – It’s been a week since Marshall County voters approved giving Marshall County Schools Superintendent Cindy Wigley another four years in office, and Wigley has plans to build on what’s been accomplished these last four years.

Asbury’s first-ever stadium was one of the things Wigley wanted to cross off of the list last term. It was a joint effort between the system and the Marshall County Commission. Also during the term, the system entered into an energy savings project in 2016, which has saved more than $600,000. That money helped put on nine roofs at the schools. In addition, over $400,000 went to school safety. The graduation rate is above state average.

Wigley said she plans to build on all of that during the next four years.

“The most important thing is school safety,” Wigley said. “We’re looking at how to make our facilities safer, as well as training for our staff, and then securing SROs for each of our schools.” Wigley and sheriff-elect Phil Sims said they’d like to see a full-time deputy at each campus.

“We also want to continue to work on our facilities,” Wigley added. “We have aging buildings that have issues, and we are also at capacity at most of our schools.”

She said a big focus is to make sure the kids are college and career ready.

“What are the needs of our local workforce,” she said. “How can we pair that with our students that are graduating and make sure they’re successful and ready to enter the workforce?”

She added that means making sure the learning opportunities are there, showing students their options, and giving them what they need to be ready for whatever path they choose.

Wigley will be officially sworn in for another term this month.

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