New software can give Rainsville residents a little extra peace of mind

Northeast Alabama

Rainsville Police Department

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The Rainsville Police Department is the first in Alabama to offer an easy way for residents to make requests, so they can have a little extra peace of mind.

The department is using a software that helps them manage requests from the community. That’s things like extra patrol requests and business checks, and it includes a database from family members of at-risk citizens.

“People that could possible walk off and get lost,” Chief Kevin Smith explained, “With this database that we’re building, the officers in real-time have it in the car with them, have a photograph of each person, their medical history, their medicines they’re on, their physicians.”

It also includes emergency contact information and directions to their home if need be.

The software also allows residents to submit information online about a home or business, so officers can check it as often as call volume allows while the owner is out-of-town.

“When you’re sitting on the beach, you know, you’re worried somebody might break into your home, and you get an email from us saying ‘Hey, we checked your house and everything’s okay,’ you know, just to make you enjoy your vacation a little more maybe,” Smith said.

The system also has a section for officers to report issues that need attention around the city.

“If the officers spot a street light out or a pothole or a stop sign down, things the street department need to know about, the officer can put this into that software,” Smith said. The program will send an email to the appropriate person to get the problem fixed.

The software is up and running. Residents can stop by the police department to fill out paperwork to include a family member in the database.

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