New rating for Guntersville Fire and Rescue could save residents money

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Many Guntersville homeowners can look forward to new savings on their insurance because of a rating that, until recently, hadn’t changed in 15 years.

A company evaluated and then rated Guntersville Fire and Rescue based in part on assessments of fire protection capabilities and services. “Then they give us a grading of a one to a 10. One is the best, 10 is the worst,” Chief Jeffrey Tongate says.

Chief Tongate says the entity hadn’t been evaluated in a while. “The last year that we were evaluated was 2000,” he says.

The rating factors in three different entities – Fire and Rescue, the water supply, and the 911 call center. It’s also based in part on several different criteria, and that includes aspects of the equipment and how much fire prevention education Fire and Rescue does out in the community.

With the changes in the grading criteria over 15 years, technically speaking, Guntersville Fire and Rescue was rated at a “five.”

“With the changes that we’ve implemented with our training program, with the changes that were made in water supply, with our fire prevention education, we went from a five down to a three,” Chief Tongate says.

That means money saved on many Guntersville residents’ homeowners insurance.

Guntersville Fire and Rescue plans to make more changes, to go from a three to a two. “It’s phenomenal that we could go within a year from when this process began to go from a five rating all the way down to a two, and I think our community is going to be very pleased with that,” Chief Tongate says.

Chief Tongate says he hopes to be rated two by February. Guntersville homeowners could see a reduction in their insurance by August.

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