New community center planned for High Falls

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB CONTY,  Ala. (WHNT) — The DeKalb County park High Falls is undergoing construction to build a community center.

High Falls sees its share of visitors a year. Officials say thousands come to the falls to swim and enjoy the views. However, as far as buildings go at the park, only pavilions and a guard-house are present.

County Commission President Ricky Harcrow says they’re breaking ground on a new complex. “We’re building a community center and we’re also building an office complex there in that community center,” Harcrow says.

Harcrow says the center will be used for county staff, visitors, and for events.”It being so close to the Marshall County line, our Marshall County legislative representatives are also on board,” Harcrow says.

The project is an effort between different entities, but the DeKalb County Commission will provide the funding. “Just the building, around 40 thousand dollars, and of course there will be additions to that with heating and cooling,” Harcrow says.

The funds will come out of a budget designated for that purpose. Construction will continue throughout the winter. “We’re looking forward to being in it at least by the middle of the summer,” Harcrow says.

The park is free to use for the public, and Harcrow says after the center is built the park will remain as such.

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