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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Four months have passed since a deadly shooting at Albertville’s Mueller plant. The tragedy left three dead, including the gunman. Now, families of the lost and plant employees are left to heal.

People all over the country have rallied around those left behind, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Virginia-based nonprofit, National Compassion, Fund has raised more than $260,000 so far.

Earlier this week, a local committee decided how those funds would be divided. One eligible group being the family members of the two victims.

One of those is Taryn Horton. Her husband David was killed that day. She says any money she received would go straight to her children and step-children.

“If something happens to me, I want my kids to be taken care of,” Horton said.

Also eligible to apply are Mueller employees who were physically injured, and those who witnessed or responded to the shooting and suffered or are still suffering psychologically.

“Someone came to my house and told me they gave my husband CPR for 25 minutes, and they told me they were sorry they couldn’t save my husband. People like that. People who were directly involved, they have every right to some of that as well.”

Horton said she knows firsthand what it takes to begin the healing process:

“I’m getting help. I have a psychiatrist and I have a grief counselor. I don’t know how many people have asked for help, but maybe this will bring out a few more people that didn’t ask for help to begin with that need it now.”

She says she’ll never forget those who came to her husband, and the others, aid on that day.

“I hope they get something that will help them. I don’t care what they do with it,” she said. “Do something for yourself, for your family, because that’s what they need. They need something and I’m glad that this is there.”