Moving forward – new DeKalb Co. private school looking to expand in years ahead

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — A small private school in DeKalb County is looking to grow, turning to community support to help in that effort.

Cindy Bethune’s classroom at Adamsburg Christian Academy has the quirky but familiar Dr. Seuss phrases scattered across the walls. The colorful rhyming stories are also read to attentive ears.

“House on mouse. Could that really happen?” asks Bethune, and her class explodes in tiny giggles.

“Our school is Adamsburg Christian Academy,” Bethune explains, “We’re just a private Christian school that started this year.” The school has 41 students so far, hailing from all over the area.

The K through 9 school stems from Adamsburg Community Church, where Bethune’s husband is the pastor. “We do not get paid,” Bethune says, “All volunteers, we’re all certified teachers but felt the Lord calling us, and just heavily rely on the Lord to help us out and He’s been faithful.”

The non-profit school started in August and it’s already expanded, but it’s looking to do even more.

The staff wants to spread the word about the school, looking to community support. “We rely on any donations,” Bethune explains, “We’ve had several this year and that’s helped us make it through the first year,  but we still have to think about the years coming up.”

The school only charges a fee per student, not tuition. It’s a way to make the education even more open for families, which is the goal. “We want everybody to be able to get a great education and then be able to have the Lord added to it,” Bethune says.

They’re new, but looking to the years ahead.

For more information on the school and to find out how to help, click here.

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