Local mother withdraws immunocompromised child from school, finds virtual option

Northeast Alabama

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. — A mother in Albertville says the threat of COVID-19 and no virtual option forced her to withdraw her immunocompromised daughter from public school and find a virtual option.

Seven-year-old Tessa Cook is one of thousands of immunocompromised students. Her mother Maranda cook says virtual learning might not be the best option for all students, but for her immunocompromised daughter it seems to be the only option.

“Tessa has an immune deficiency. She was out of school a lot her kindergarten year,” says Maranda Cook.

Her mom, Maranda Cook, says Tessa can’t afford to return to in person learning.

“She had pneumonia five times in one year so they just knew she could not handle COVID if she got it,” says Cook.

Cook says when Albertville City Schools did not offer a virtual option this year, she searched for other online options.

“The good thing out of the pandemic is we found out that online school is good. When Albertville refused to have any kind of virtual anything for anybody… It forced our hand to look at other places and elsewhere,” says Cook.

Through recommendations of friends found Alabama Destination Career Academy.

“And even say if we had to go to Birmingham for a 3 o’clock appointment she could still be in class on the way as long as we had internet,” says Cook.

Cook says her daughter isn’t falling behind in school, but is instead excelling and loves her teachers and classmates.

“We thought we didn’t have an option so we really want to advocate to parents. There is an amazing thing out there. There is something for your kid where they are not left behind, their education is not fallen. Stuff like this has been absolutely amazing for us,” says Cook.

Maranda cook says if Albertville City Schools offered a virtual option this year, her daughter would have stayed in the school district.

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