More than just lights! DeKalb County Christmas display aims to give back

Northeast Alabama
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CROSSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- This holiday a home in Crossville is putting on a Christmas show that is more than lights and music.

On each cold night this holiday season, cars crunch through the grass and gravel on a drive leading up to a home in Crossville.

The occupants are on their way to see a digital masterpiece. Under the bright flashing lights and cheery music though, there are stories.

Tuned into a local radio station people from miles around admire the lights. It's a show even homeowners Chace and Brooke Walker enjoy watching.

There's more to it, though. Last year was their first show and the Walkers realized they could do more. "We raised about $1,900 in about two weeks," Brooke says.

That money went to a family whose son was diagnosed with leukemia. This year, they've already raised more than $2,000 for another community member.

The funds come from generous visitors, depositing money into a drop box at the end of the drive.

This spirit of the season that is displayed through the show isn't the only story within the lights.

In the middle, viewers will hear a voice many in the community know well - Brooke's grandfather, telling a story she heard every year.

It's a story of his time in World War II on a ship on Christmas Eve. They were on their way to an invasion and the sailors on the entire ship sang "Silent Night."  "He's always told us this story and we just happened to have it recorded," Brooke says.

"We've been blessed in so many ways," Chace Walker says.  "We just want to be a blessing to this community and give back."

It's stories of giving and a story told for years. The display is more than just lights and music - it means something - both inside the home, and out.

"We just want to be a blessing to others," Chace says.

The home is located at 1037 County Road 82 in Crossville. The display will run through the holiday season.

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