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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — A Jackson County Commissioner is proposing to the Commission to put three monuments in front of the county courthouse, and one will be of the Ten Commandments.

Commissioner Tim Guffey proposed the plan to put three monuments in front of the courthouse at a recent Commission meeting. “The Constitution, the Ten Commandments, and the Declaration of Independence. They all work hand in hand,” Guffey says.

Guffey says the proposal to put all three monuments together stems from the base of our nation’s founding. “If you look at the documents, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, they are all stemmed from the word of God, from the Ten Commandments,” Guffey says.

Guffey says he hopes that culmination of all three monuments will spark an interest in citizens if this proposal becomes a reality. “I’m doing this for historical reasons, for historical documents, just for folks to strike an interest, for them to go back and study to see how this country was established, and what made us the greatest nation ever,” Guffey says.

Guffey says since the proposal was made public he has not encountered negative feedback from Jackson County’s residents.

Guffey says he wants to be sure the public understands the reasoning behind the proposal. “If it don’t do anything but strike an interest and make people go back and study and read the Constitution, read the Declaration of Independence, read the Ten Commandments, find out what the Founding Fathers meant when they established these documents, it’ll be all worth it,” Guffey says, “That’s the only reason I’m doing it. It’s not for any type of religion, it is for that purpose only.”

He says he welcomes comments from the public on the matter, and says he can be reached by calling the County Commission office. That number is 256-574-9280.

The Commission expects to vote on this matter in at least three weeks, after a committee is devised to discuss the logistics behind it.