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(BOAZ, AL) — Of all the things a Walmart janitor comes across, meth labs are probably low on the list.

Boaz Police say a maintenance worker cleaning the women’s restroom found pseudoephedrine pills and a plastic water bottle with residue in the bottom.

Managers contacted police, who recovered what Chief Terry Davis called a one-pot ‘shake and bake’ type lab.

“That kind of blew my mind when I read the report,” Davis said.  “We’ve found a lot of shake and bake meth labs in different places but never inside a business.”

Police said it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to cook low-quality methamphetamine using this method, and they do not know if the culprit finished the product.

Davis said officers are reviewing surveillance video to see if they can determine who took the items into the restroom.

Oddly enough, the pills did not come from Walmart, but another pharmacy.

Investigators from the Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit disposed of the meth-making materials.