Marshall Medical Centers showcases new UV disinfecting robot

Northeast Alabama

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Marshall Medical Centers is now utilizing a new tool named for a god and it is giving patients and staff greater peace of mind when it comes to their health and safety.

“Cleaning is one thing, but disinfecting is something else,” said Chief Nursing Officer Kathy Woodruff.

Disinfecting is exactly what ‘THOR’ does at its new home Marshall Medical Center South.

“The footprint is about the same size as a wheelchair, so wherever a wheelchair can go, this can go whether it be the back of an ambulance or operating room,” said Surgical Services Director Jonathan Smith.

‘THOR’ is literally a disinfecting machine. 

But Smith told News 19 it does not actually replace any of the cleaning done by the hospital staff.

This is just an extra layer of protection.

There is also another machine, now named ‘LOKI’ at the North facility.

“It’s good to have that extra step so that we can insure everything is disinfected and ready for the next patient to come through and it’s very good for our staff so they can feel safe in the rooms after they’ve been cleaned and disinfected,” added Woodruff.

Smith describes ‘THOR’ as similar to sunshine because of the UV light’s ability to deactivate viruses and bacteria.

“The machine is very smart and it knows by scanning the room how much time is needed to do a full disinfection of that room and we can adjust that if we just want to do a small part of the room of if we want to do the entire room, so it can be as quick as five or 10 minutes or it could be about an hour for an operating room,” explained Smith.

The machines will be used multiple times a day to clean rooms outside of the operating rooms.

They will be used at the end of each day for ORs

Each $50,000 machine was bought using CARES Act funding.

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