Marshall County working to put its industries on the radar in light of Polaris deal

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) — With the deal with Polaris made final, Marshall County leaders are working to put the county’s big industrial names on the radar.

“We’re already gearing up, we had already gotten a call from the Department of Commerce this past week, working with them on some lists of our automotive suppliers,” Marshall County Economic Development Council President Matt Arnold says.

Arnold says the county has several of those suppliers. “About half a dozen automotive suppliers in Marshall County, most of which produce parts for Honda, but they can also produce parts for other vehicles and ATVs,” Arnold says.

Arnold says they’re working to put those suppliers on the radar so they can compete for business Polaris might request.

County leaders say they believe the suppliers in the area around Huntsville are an option for Polaris – allowing for local parts to be used and shipped a shorter distance. “So we’re working with the Department of Commerce and the North Alabama Industrial Development Association, to identify those suppliers and those existing industries in Marshall County that could be a Polaris supplier or at least compete for that business,” Arnold says.

Arnold says some of the workforce in Marshall County has knowledge of the industry needed for the Polaris jobs.

Overall county leaders say that impact from Polaris could hit hard in Marshall County, and say they are preparing now to take advantage of it.

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