MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO) is warning residents of a scam where people are impersonating its own employees.

The sheriff’s office said Saturday that it has received several calls about a phone scam involving someone pretending to be an employee of the sheriff’s office. MSCO said the imposter then informs the person that they have an active warrant for their arrest and attempt to collect money for a bond fee or some other reason saying the person will be arrested if they do not pay.

MSCO said this is a scam and that no employee at the sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement agency will contact a person and attempt to collect money. The sheriff’s office said if they have a warrant on anyone they will always attempt to make contact with them in person.

The sheriff’s office said the scammers appear to have a way to make their phone number appear to be from the sheriff’s office through a technique known as spoofing.

MCSO said spoofing is a technique through which a cybercriminal disguises themselves as a known or trusted source.

The sheriff’s office said that if a resident receives one of these calls to hang up and call the sheriff’s office immediately to report it. Residents are asked to please not give the scammers any personal information.