Marshall County residents ask commissioners to fix damaged road

Northeast Alabama

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Some Marshall County residents are upset and begging the commission for help with their road that is in disrepair.

Shin Point Road in district two is covered in ruts. Some are even a foot deep.

“I slid off the road the other day. I had to be pulled out. I almost went off the side of the mountain for it,” said Lisa Carroll who has lived on Shin Point Road for eight years.

Joann Estes, who has lived on Shin Point Road for three years said, “We had the garbage truck to come until two years ago and it stopped coming because the road was so bad. They said they was having to work on vehicles all the time because of coming up that road.”

Residents told WHNT News 19 the worn-out road has now become a safety issue.

 “We can’t get an ambulance, fire truck, we can’t hardly get up the road ourselves,” explained 20-year-long Shin Point Road resident Kevin Alfieri.

“It takes 15 minutes to get to the top of the road where I live. That’s a long time for someone that has a heart condition. My husband has COPD. That’s a long time for an ambulance if it can even get up there,” said Estes.

About a dozen residents came out in force during Wednesday’s Marshall County commission meeting to literally beg for help.

District two county commissioner Rickey Watson told WHNT News 19 he knows the road is a big problem.

“You probably have never driven on a road as bad,” said Watson.

But he said his hands are tied.

“Legally, there’s nothing I know we can do. I’ve always been told from day one, if it’s on county inventory, I can work it. If it’s not on county inventory, I cannot touch it,” added Watson.

The residents were not too happy to hear that.

“I think they’re blowing smoke up a skirt because I know the laws can be changed,” said Estes.

Watson said the road was put in by a developer who never officially turned it over to the county.

The developer has since died.

The residents want the county to take over the maintenance of at least a .7 of a mile length of the road, from the start of Shin Point Road to Click Hollow Road.

But before the county will consider that, the residents will have to pay out of pocket to get it up to subdivision standards and keep it there for a year.

The residents said they would like to maintain it themselves or take the county to court, but all but a few are on fixed incomes and can’t afford either option.

Commissioners encouraged the residents to speak with legislators about having something done about it.

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