Marshall County prepares to catch up, survey road damages from winter weather

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — County offices and courthouses that were closed or delayed this week are catching up and will begin to survey the road damages left over from the snow this week.

Friday, things started to get back to normal in Marshall County. Crews were out in force clearing what they could, salting other areas, and scraping the snow off of the roads. Downtown crews were shoveling sidewalks so employees could get back in the downtown stores and the county’s courthouse. Wednesday the courthouse shut down early, Thursday it closed completely, and Friday it opened late due to the icy roads.

A question though, is how will the unavoidable delays and closure affect county operations? Commission Chairman James Hutcheson has that answer. “As far as the probate office, revenue office, my office up here, we can catch up,” Hutcheson says, “The court system was my main concern when I shut the courthouse down. It’s hard to catch up on court dockets.”

The county is facing another  issue, and that’s figuring out a price tag for the road damages. “Anytime you run a snow plow, you pull up the striping, you pull up the reflectors,” Hutcheson says, “It has a major impact on the road.”

The snow and ice leaves pot holes that need fixing too. It’ll be a bit of an undertaking, but the catching up and road damage surveys come with the job. “We’ll be up to the task,” Hutcheson says.

The county doesn’t budget for the road repairs caused by ice and snow. Officials plan to survey the roads when the weather gets better to see just how much this weather is costing the county.

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