Marshall County officials say Kennametal plant’s closure will leave an impact

Northeast Alabama
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GRANT, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s been about a week since the Kennametal company announced its plant in Grant will be shutting down in a few months, and Marshall County leaders say it’s going to have an impact.

Ninety-three people are employed at the Kennametal plant in Grant. The population of the town skims 900. Commissioners say most of the employees live in the Grant area, so the closure is going to have an impact.”That’s going to hurt a small town like Grant big time,” Marshall County District 2 commissioner R.E. Martin says.

Commissioner Martin says when the plant closes down at its September deadline, there aren’t similar jobs in the area for the employees to go to. “There’s not anything on this mountain. We lost the company over here that builds tractors, it closed down.”

The Kennametal company issued WHNT News 19 a statement at the time of the announcement saying in part the company would assist the employees in the transition.

The company said it is relocating operations to other facilities in the country.

Grant Mayor Larry Walker says the plant’s closure will have an impact of about 25 thousand dollars a year in taxes for the town.

Officials say they’re looking into future plans, to keep money flowing through the plant. Town officials say they are already working to recruit new businesses to fill the void.

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