Marshall County officials say animal foster program is a success, more volunteers needed

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – Marshall County is seeing success in its foster program for dogs picked up by the county’s animal shelter. So much success, the county is looking to grow it even further.

Animals picked up by Marshall County Animal Control go to shelters across the county to be boarded until they’re adopted. The county can only pay to board them for several days. If they aren’t adopted out during that time, they might have to be put down.

The county started a foster program, and it helps keep animals boarded much longer. “We move a pen to a foster family and they may foster one or two animals, and if they decide not to foster any more, we can move that pen to a different foster house, so it’s working out well,” Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said.

The program has been in place for several weeks now, and it’s seeing a lot of success. “The program is working out outstanding,” Hutcheson said. “It’s saving a lot of dogs’ lives and it’s saving taxpayers money.”

While the program is designed to keep the animals boarded longer than in a shelter, there’s a quick adoption rate and turnaround. “So far this year we haven’t had to put any animals down, so this is one reason we haven’t, because this foster program is really helping,” Hutcheson explained.

That success is prompting the county to look toward expansion.”We’re looking for more volunteers, and if we get more volunteers I’ve told Animal Control that we’ll have to come up with the money some way to buy the pens and the houses, and so we just need more volunteers now,” Hutcheson said.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster for one of the animals is asked to call the Marshall County Commission office at (256) 571-7701.

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