MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The 24-year-old Guntersville man charged in connection to multiple overdoses, including one death, pleaded not guilty earlier this month.

Alex Wayne Hollingsworth also waived his arraignment when he entered his plea of not guilty on all three charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.

Hollingsworth is accused of providing cocaine that led to three overdoses in the area, with one of them being fatal. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office’s (MCSO) Drug Task Force had been investigating a total of five overdoses that happened between Feb. 25-27, 2022.

Guntersville man charged in connection to 3 overdoses
Hollingsworth (Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Office)

That investigation led to Hollingsworth’s arrest on August 8, 2022. He was released from jail a few months later.

Online court records say an agreement was reached between the state and Hollingsworth for his bond to be lowered to $40,000, consolidating the separate bonds from each charge.

John Siggers with the MCSO Drug Task Force said Hollingsworth was facing an $80,000 property bond and a $25,000 cash bond immediately following his arrest.

He was charged with three counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful distribution of a controlled substance. The Grand Jury indicted him on one count of each of those charges in December.

A motion hearing is scheduled to be held on March 6 at the Marshall County Courthouse.