MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A July 2022 house fire in Albertville claimed the life of 7-year-old Charlie Carroll. Her death inspired a fundraiser that would raise money for thermal cameras with the goal to put the devices in the hands of firefighters across Marshall County.

A Saturday event saw the advanced devices distributed to every fire department in the area.

“Project Charlie” was created by Alder Springs Volunteer Fire Department Chief James Edwards. He says thermal cameras will be significant for fire departments when it comes to rescue efforts.

“Being able to find the victims quicker and to have these cameras on them and they can get into the victims a lot quicker and get them out of the house and possibly save their life,” Edwards told News 19.

The goal was to raise enough money to provide thermal imaging to every fire department, something that became a reality over the weekend.

A year after launching the project, the 17 volunteer and 4 career fire departments in Marshall County now have advanced imaging devices, all made possible by the contributions from many.

“It is just overwhelming the support we’ve had coming in from the county the state we’ve had donations come in from Florida and other states its a God send,” Edwards said.

Alabama State Representative Brock Colvin says “Project Charlie” could create a model to follow for other parts of the state when it comes to prevention efforts.

“What tonight can do is spark a rally all across the state even the southeastern country to see you know hey look what Marshall County has done maybe other counties in our state as a whole can see this and say maybe we won’t wait for a tragedy like this we can be little more proactive,” Colvin said.

Law enforcement throughout the county will also receive thermal imaging cameras as well. The Marshall County Legislative Delegation also announced a $10,000 donation to “Project Charlie” in an effort to continue fulfilling the needs of the fire departments in the county.

The donation window has not closed and for anyone looking to help meet the needs of the fire departments in Marshall County, Chief Edwards says you can mail donations to the station, located at 177 Stagecoach Rd., Albertville, 35951. They are also reachable through their Facebook page, you can call (256) 302-4161, or email the department here