Marshall County family concerned about drivers speeding near home

Northeast Alabama

HORTON, Ala. – One family in Marshall County is fed up with drivers speeding down the road in front of their home where oftentimes, their grandchildren are playing.

They are hoping something can be done to get the drivers to slow down.

Larry Rice has lived on Jolley Drive in Horton for more than 20 years. It is where his grandchildren are now growing up.

“From time to time I have grandbabies that are right here playing and my grandbabies are anywhere from two years old to about 12,” said Rice Wednesday afternoon.

He said his concern for their lives is why his loved ones called News 19.

“It would really break my heart if one of my grandbabies got run over. My wife and I, I don’t know if we could handle that or not,” explained Rice.

Rice said some drivers speed on the narrow road at different times of the day and night.

“This road right here from ditch bank to ditch bank, I’ve measured it, is 15 feet. “I got to admit, sometimes I get really aggravated when they stomp it from the stop sign and come flying by,” said Rice.

He explained there have been several close calls and a few wrecks in front of his home due to speeding and the narrowness of the road.

“Last year there was a pickup and SUV that passed one another right here, and they were both running a little too fast, and they barely did get by one another. The truck hit the SUV’s mirror and shattered the mirror all over the road. Sometimes these people, when they come running real fast, they’re run plum through that stop sign up there and just keep going,” said Rice.

Rice said Douglas Police Department officers have come out despite Jolley Drive not being in their coverage area, but it is not enough to fully deter speeders.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office told News 19 deputies have been patrolling the area for the last several weeks.

Rice said he understands that local law enforcement have a lot to do in a large area, but hopes they can come back and keep an eye out more often.

He is not the only one concerned. Rice said his neighbor has also complained to police about drivers speeding.

Wednesday afternoon, one driver stopped and asked what News 19 was doing on Jolley Road. When I told him my story was about speeding in the area. He said thank you and slowly drove away.

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