Marshall County Commissioners approve security positions for courthouses

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Security at the Marshall County Courthouses is getting stiffer.

The county commission approved the addition of two new deputy sheriff positions to add an extra layer of security.

Currently, a private company is providing security at the courthouses in Guntersville and Albertville, but Sheriff Phil Sims said more security is needed now after the shooting incident in the Jackson County Courthouse in September.

“It happened right next door to us. The guy comes to the courthouse, has a weapon, doesn’t like the fact that he got stopped and told he can’t come in with it and pulled it on the deputy sheriff. If he pulled it on somebody who’s unarmed, that is kind of an unfair advantage at the point in time. So, we need armed deputies in our courthouse to protect the citizens and the employees in the courthouse,” said Sheriff Sims.

The two new deputy sheriffs will be added on to the current private company since there are two entrances to the courthouses. The deputies will be stationed at the main entrance but will help at the other when needed.

The new positions will cost about $87,00, which includes salary and benefits. Commissioners approved $37,000. The rest will come from funds the sheriff’s office already has saved up.

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