Marshall County Commissioners approve purchase of P25 radios

Northeast Alabama

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Marshall County Commissioners approved funding on Wednesday to buy several entities including the EMA district shops, engineering, solid waste and Sheriff’s Office P25 radios.

The cost was $422,685.

EMA Director Anita McBurnett told News 19 the purchase  is part of a larger project in every Marshall County city to bring them up to the digital platform from VHF system.

McBurnett said the tone and volume of the P25 radios are much clearer.

She also said the new system will connect every entity in the county and city not only with each other, but with other agencies across the state that are using P25 radios.

“In Marshall County, we have a very mountainous area, a lot of valleys and so that system just wasn’t doing the job as far as communicating with one another. We’d have law enforcement or firefighters out in an area and they had no communications back to 911 or to their dispatch center or to anybody,” said McBurnett.

She expects the system to be up and running around April or May of 2021.

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