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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — A ten-million dollar settlement reached between the State of Alabama and prescription drug manufacturer Endo Health Solutions means hundreds of checks will soon be sent to local governments, one being Marshall County.

The county commission held an emergency meeting Friday to approve the amount.

“We live daily with the ramifications of the drug epidemic that is raging through this land, and opioids is a tremendous part of that,” Marshall County Commission Attorney Clint Maze said.

With a unanimous vote, the county will receive 98 thousand dollars, the most for a county in north Alabama outside of Madison County.

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Commission Chairman James Hutcheson says the money for Marshall County will be put to good use.

“[It will likely go toward] a drug abuse facility,” Hutcheson said. “The jail – hopefully use some of it on jail renovation on just care of the people that have drug addiction.”

The objective, according to Maze, is healing just one of the many rural counties hurt by prescription drug abuse.

“We acknowledge that this is a problem,” Maze told News 19. “And it is a problem that is not going away. It’s going to have to be combatted, and we want to have the resources to offer the people that have been affected by this. And we want to have the resources that are necessary to continue this battle.”

Maze said bigger checks from state settlements with other companies could be on the way in the months or even years to come.