Marshall Co. working to make changes to improve handicapped accessibility at polling locations

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. —  Marshall County is making strides to ensure all of its polling locations are handicapped accessible.

Several weeks ago, the Marshall County Commission moved a polling location from Community House Road to a nearby fire department because some residents had voiced concerns about the handicapped accessibility. Now, the county commission is looking at all of the polling locations in the county to see if anything else can be improved.

The county has a federal grant to make improvements to polling locations. It already made changes to some locations where improvements were needed, and the county will continue to use those funds for any future improvements.

“If we have a voting place that needs a handicapped ramp, or a restroom facility for the handicapped, we can use this money to repair some of the voting places,” Chairman James Hutcheson says.

There is about $45,000 remaining in that grant money. Those funds can be used on anything to improve the handicapped accessibility, from parking places, to ramps.

The grant can’t be used to make other improvements. “We’ll try to spend this money wisely and make sure that it’s used to improve the handicapped accessibility,” Hutcheson says.

The county plans to continue this improvement process over the next several years.

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