Marshall Co. ranks fifth in the state for new jobs announcements

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- In an Alabama Department of Commerce report, Marshall County ranked fifth in the state for new jobs announced; that's only behind much larger counties including Madison, Jefferson, and Montgomery.

“The Alabama Department of Commerce annually does a ranking, a listing, called the New & Expanding Industry Announcements,” said Matt Arnold, president of the Marshall County Economic Development Council. The listing announced jobs by new or expanding companies. Marshall County ranked fifth in the state for new jobs announced.

In 2016 new or expanding companies announced the combined addition of more than 700 new jobs. “We were ranked fifth behind Jefferson, Madison, Montgomery, and Baldwin counties," Arnold said, "All of those counties have multiple more times more people in them than Marshall County does. So for us to be in the top five is a pretty significant feature.”

Those jobs helped bring about the lowest unemployment rate Marshall County has seen since 2008.

“We just got the new unemployment figures for April, and we were listed with a 3.9% unemployment rate, which is phenomenal," Arnold said.

He adds that creates a ripple effect with the local economy. “That means more people are spending money on consumable items like groceries, cars, appliances, and things like that. That money gets recirculated back into the economy and continues to grow and continues to help the local economy.”

County officials also expect to see record tourism levels in the next year because of events like the Guntersville Lake HydroFest in 2018.

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