Marshall Co. EMA Prepares Responders, Schools, and Residents For Cold Weather

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL CO. (WHNT) — As some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in years moves in Marshall County EMA is making sure the county is ready.

Biting wind and cold temperatures, coupled with a gusty wind that makes it feel like it’s in the single digits: the Tennessee Valley is in for a cold next few days.

During those next few days, Marshall County students will be heading back to school. Marshall County EMA Director Anita McBurnett says those start dates fall right in the days that are expected to be bitter cold. “We actually have the county schools going back [Friday], and the municipal schools going back on Monday as well as the county,” McBurnett says.

McBurnett says they are notifying all of the county’s schools to make sure those officials are prepared and know what to expect. “So if they need to make any plans now they can start monitoring the weather. If they want to look at some possible closings that’s certainly an option.”

McBurnett says parents especially need to be aware of the expected bitter cold. “For the children, if they’re going to have to be at bus stops, we want to make sure they dress in layers, that all of their skin is covered,” McBurnett says.

She says parents should try to keep their kids inside a car or a home while they wait in that early morning cold.

McBurnett says these cold weather tips go for everyone, and the EMA is making sure every county entity is prepared. “We want to give them ample time to start thinking about those things and planning for them in advance,” McBurnett says.

She says during these next few days residents should check on the elderly in their neighborhoods to make sure they have adequate and safe heating. Making sure your car is in good working order, full of gas, and the battery is operational is a tip to remember as well. McBurnett says residents who have livestock or outdoor pets should remember to bring them in a warm area, or provide heating for them.

The EMA will continue to monitor the weather over the weekend and make appropriate notifications to the responders, schools and hospitals.

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