Marshall Co. Commission working to speed up Smith Drive flooding repairs

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – Marshall County crews are working to speed up the repair process on a road that has been closed since the Christmas day flooding.

Smith Drive is located in the Hyatt community of Marshall County. Part of it is closed, and has been since Christmas. That has forced residents to find another way to get around.

The County Commission is ready to fix it, and is taking steps to speed up the process even more. Large pipes are needed for the fix, and the county is required to bid those out for the project. The county called an emergency meeting to start that process.

“We asked the county engineer to go out for bids on that certain type of pipe, so we’re just trying to step that process up as much as we can and as quick as we can to get that road open back up,” Chairman James Hutcheson said.

In putting the pipes out for bid immediately, the county is speeding up the project by at least a week. The county needs permits from two government entities before any work can begin. All of  necessary paperwork is done and the funds are there, but the county needs an ‘okay’ before it can get started.

Starting the bid process now for the pipes is another way for the county to get a jump-start when that approval comes in. “We’ll have everything ready,” Hutcheson said. “As quick as we get the permits, Commissioner Kelley will put them in.”

The county plans to put the pipes out for bid on Monday. This project will cost the county about $100,000.

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