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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. — A school in Marshall County started memorizing something pretty important – in fact, it’s safe to say not many people can boast they’ve accomplished this particular feat.

A group of second graders sat inside a church in Marshall County, dutifully reciting in unison, eyes trained on their teacher in front of them. The church is connected to their school, Marshall Christian School.

These young people are working toward something quite extraordinary. “We are going to memorize the entire New Testament,” Principal Roy Bryant said.

Verse by verse, every student and staff member has a part. “There’s 7,957 verses in the New Testament,” Bryant said, “So the first graders will memorize 16 verses, second graders will memorize 18 verses each. Each individual student will have a unique set of verses, and we’ll just keep increasing until we get to the Seniors, who will memorize about 40 verses.”

Even the school board members have their own set. It’s going to take everyone involved more than a year to memorize everything they’ve set out to do. In fact, Bryant said they’ve set a date for next year to recite it.

“We’re looking at May 19, 2018, to do the recitation,” Bryant said, “It’ll take us 19 hours to do that from start to finish.”

“We’re going to start about five o’clock in the morning and be done by midnight,” he added. They’re hoping to do that at Guntersville’s City Harbor.

It’s a huge undertaking that school leaders see as a unique opportunity to teach a lesson, celebrate religious freedom and live what they’re memorizing.