Marijuana Mailed, Delivered to Boaz City Jail

Northeast Alabama

A corrections officer inspected the mail for contraband and found a cardboard pocket containing a bag of marijuana. (Photo: Robert Richardson, WHNT News 19)

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) — A post office mix-up led to the arrest of a Marshall County woman when the Boaz Police Department received mail containing marijuana.

Deputy Chief Todd Adams said a corrections officer found a small bag containing the drugs as he inspected letters delivered to the jail Tuesday afternoon.

“In a bundle of other letters for the jail, it got routed down to the jail and when the jailer went through the mail, he opened the mail.  It’s normal to check the mail,” Adams said.

He said jail officers inspect mail and packages for contraband, and also read letters to make sure they do not include messages involving escape or other criminal activity.

“When the jailer checked it, he found the marijuana in it,” Adams said.

“Then looked at the name on the letter and noticed that they didn’t have this person in our jail and then noticed that it wasn’t 101 Line Avenue [the address of the police department], it was 101 [of another street] which is about a block away from here,” Adams said.

Lisa Sue Blankenship (Photo: Boaz Police Department)
Lisa Sue Blankenship (Photo: Boaz Police Department)

Patrol officers went to the home and talked to 50-year-old Lisa Sue Blankenship, who told police she did not know anything about a letter.

Adams said officers noticed a plastic film canister on a table. They asked permission to open it.

“She reluctantly agreed, and they found marijuana in the film canister,” Adams said.

“They obtained permission to search the residence and found other items in a cookie tin such as pliers, scissors, marijuana pipes, and looseleaf marijuana, that sort of thing.”

Blankenship is charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Deputy Chief Adams said police are working with the post office to determine who sent the marijuana in the mail.  The letter’s return address and postmark are from Georgia, but police are withholding the name and town of the sender as the investigation is ongoing.

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