Man makes surprising discovery inside shoes purchased at Unclaimed Baggage

Northeast Alabama

The hollowed out shoes (Photo: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Visitors to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro get a chance to discover some treasure or trinket thought lost to the world by some unlucky airline passenger. It can be quite fun to try to find a deal on something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.

One Franklin County, Tenn. man, found something at Unclaimed Baggage he just had to have – a “new” pair of shoes. But when he got home and wore them, he found something that made him stop and contact the authorities.

Within the shoes’ hollowed out soles, the man found a large quantity of ecstasy pills, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Franklin County and Jackson County Sheriff’s Offices coordinated and decided that there wasn’t much either department could do. There’s no way to know who the shoes belonged to at this point, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.

So, the Franklin County man is out the cost of the shoes, but some drug dealer out there is out several thousand dollars’ worth of drugs.

We imagine the shoes found their way to Unclaimed Baggage because the drug dealer was too afraid to ask the airline to find his or her luggage, fearing that it would be connected back to him or her.

After the incident Brenda Cantrell the Brand Ambassador for Unclaimed Baggage released the following statement:
“All items Unclaimed Baggage Center receives go through a strict process of review before being processed for resale. It is unfortunate that we do come across occasional items that need to be handled at a higher level with the proper authorities. In the case of the shoes that were reported to have been purchased with the ecstasy pills in the sole of the shoe, we have not been given the opportunity to verify they did in fact come from our store. We want our current and future Guests to know that we take this matter very seriously and that the safety of our Guests is of the utmost importance. “

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