Man arrested, accused of causing standoff with Jackson County authorities, making false 911 calls

Northeast Alabama

Timothy Scott Summers (Image: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says a man is responsible for a string of false 911 calls and now, a stand-off with deputies. Officials say the man barricaded himself inside someone else’s home in Paint Rock, saying he had bought it.

The name Timothy Summers is a familiar one to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. “We’ve been dealing with this gentleman for probably the past month, making false 911 calls,” Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says, “On one occasion he claimed someone had been shot off of a motorcycle near his house.”

It wasn’t true, and Harnen says Tuesday the Sheriff’s Office got another false 911 call from Summers. “Saying someone had been shot at his house. He then canceled us. We went out and checked on him and he wasn’t there,” Harnen explains.

After deputies responded to that call they got another one. This time, it was that Timothy Summers had broken into a home miles away. “On Highway 65 in Paint Rock and basically had barricaded himself inside the house,” Harnen says.

Summers broke a window to get inside. Harnen says the owner’s son was on the property and Summers, who knows him, made him leave. “Saying he had recently purchased the house and he basically threatened the owner that if he didn’t leave he ‘had something for him,'” Harnen says.

Deputies responded and tried to contact Summers, who wouldn’t respond to them. After a short standoff deputies were able to resolve the situation. “Eventually we had to make entry into the house. We found Mr. Summers armed with two hand guns,” Harnen says.

Deputies later searched his home and found nearly 20 weapons inside. The Sheriff’s office will keep them until after the case is closed.

Summers is held in the Jackson County Jail. He’s facing multiple charges including burglary and rendering a false emergency call.


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