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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Guntersville Police say a resident witnessed someone stealing mail from a mailbox in the Spring Creek neighborhood Friday afternoon and the department is asking for help in finding the thief.

Police say the resident called the department and reported what looked to bea gray Ford Explorer pull up in front of his home and take the mail out of his mailbox. While officers were patrolling the neighborhood, one of them ran across a large amount of mail on the side of the road. Police say all of the mail was from that same neighborhood.

Police say it appears five to ten homes had mail stolen from the mailboxes.

The department is looking through it and will notify the resident, then return it to the Guntersville Post Office.

Police are asking if anyone has surveillance video outside their homes in that neighborhood and managed to catch the vehicle around the area Friday afternoon, to let police know.

You can reach the department at (256) 571-7571.

Police say the items that were opened are related to the holidays, and police believe the thief was looking for something of value.