Local non-profit organization has a proposal for the city of Albertville to help with the ‘stray cat problem’ downtown

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — Albertville has dozens of stray cats in its downtown area, and one organization is offering to help remedy that problem.

Albertville residents can even pinpoint where the cats like to hang out, if you will.

“It’s estimated anywhere between 140 to 200 cats are living in a six block radius,” Pamela Keck says.

Keck is the president and founder of God’s Feral Felines, a non-profit organization that serves Marshall County and deals with feral cats on a regular basis. “We trap them, neuter them, and bring them back,” Keck says.

She brought that method to the Albertville City Council’s attention.

The city’s Animal Control consistently works to combat the downtown issue, and the city will spay and neuter the cats if they are caught. The animal will have to be put down if it isn’t claimed.

God’s Feral Felines is offering a different way to handle the problem.

“They came to us and said there may be an alternative to euthanization, and a way that we can help you tackle the problem more substantially than a single animal control officer can do for us right now,” Council President Nathan Broadhurst says.

The organization is offering to foot some of the costs to trap, neuter, and release the stray cats in downtown. It has proposed the city handle the rest of the funding. “They did offer a price of $60, which actually is about $10 less than what it cost us to trap one and euthanize it now, so it would be more cost-effective for us,” Broadhurst explains.

Broadhurst says the total cost will be substantial, so the Council asked the organization to formulate a proposal for review and discussion.

Broadhurst says the issue is one that grows at a rapid rate and complaints from residents are common.

The organization says it would work with the city to neuter and release all the stray cats in the proposed area to eliminate the issue.

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