Little River Canyon is currently closed for swimming visitors

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala - The falls at Little River Canyon are closed for the next two days to visitors looking to take a dive into the water. "The water levels mwent up last night after the big storm came through. It went from about 70 to 75 cubic feet per second to 21 to 2200 cubic feet per second," said Larry Beane, a park ranger.

This isn't common at all for a summer's day. With all this extra water, the currents are really heavy and the river is a lot deeper than usual. "A lot of people come out here and think because they swam here last week and that it'll be alright, but they can get swept away," said Beane.

Although these waters aren't safe for those who want to swim or wade in it, kayakers are still welcomed. Park officials are asking that you have the proper equipment and experience to be able to ride these waves. "They have life jackets and helmets and a boat that floats. Hopefully, they have the skills they need to navigate the river on the part that they go on."

Even then, traveling through these waves can be risky. Park officials advise to stay completely out of the water. "This river is not a forgiving river. It's beautiful but it's unforgiving," said Beane. Park officials say the water is receding quickly. You can follow water levels and advisories on the Little River Canyon Facebook page.

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