LIFE Resource Services brings a new beginning to the homeless of Jackson County

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – “We got together and talked with some city officials here in Scottsboro and the Jackson County area and they saw that also there was a need,” said Josh Sherlin, the director and co-founder of Life.

Today was the opening of Life, a resource service center in Jackson County. It’s a program designed to help those who need assistance to excel in everyday life.

“Our target market would be homeless. To make sure we sit down and make an action plan to get them out of the situation that they’re in,” said Sherlin.

Co-founder Josh Sherlin knows all too well the challenges of homelessness.

“Seeing this go full circle and knowing the situations that they were in as children being homeless and in foster care and moving about. Now he’s grown, he’s married and a father and seeing him want to get back to the community I knew I had to get involved,” said Keshia Gardner, PR over Life.

Many who are homeless lose a lot of their key identification pieces such as VA benefits or medication. The center will help them receive these at a single location, helping them work towards getting back on their feet.

“You can go to different places but that’s just it. They’re all over the place,” said co-founder Jeanna Shackleford. “If you don’t have a job and you don’t have identification and you don’t have transportation all of those are one big major issue.”

The center already has clients. Now, Life is urging the community to get involved and volunteer to help the program succeed.

If you want to be a volunteer at Life Resource Services of Jackson County, you can contact them on Facebook or call 256-344-1050.

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