Letter to Trump from lawmakers expresses support to get Bellefonte up and running

Northeast Alabama
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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. -- Congressmen Mo Brooks and Robert Aderholt's names are on a letter to President Donald Trump expressing support for a Tennessee based company's goal to restore and complete the unfinished and closed down Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant.

The letter to President Trump detailed the back story of the unfinished but maintained plant. Nuclear Development, LLC entered into a contract to acquire to the plant from the Tennessee Valley Authority in 2016 for $111 million at a public auction. Even though abandoned years ago half-finished, it was kept up and maintained to standards.

Nuclear Development has a pending application through the Department of Energy Advanced Nuclear Loan Guarantee program. The  letter urged Trump to "give this project proper attention and assist in completing the review of Nuclear Development’s DOE Loan Guarantee application which has been pending for many months."

"The Department of Energy has responded to Nuclear Development," Brooks said, "I am in the process of setting up meetings now between myself and the principles of Nuclear Development to look at the Department of Energy Response."

"My understanding, having spoken with Nuclear Development, is that it is encouraging, that we're still advancing and moving the ball down the field," Brooks added.

Brooks says completion and operation of the facility would bring thousands on thousands of jobs to the area. "This would be the largest private capital investment on an industrial project in the history of the state of Alabama," Brooks said.

Development of the first two Bellefonte units began in the 1970s as part of TVA's plan to meet future demand with nuclear generation. The project was suspended in 1988.  A small staff remained on hand to maintain the facility.

Local lawmakers say this is one of the best attempts they've had at reviving a plant like Bellefonte.

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