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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) —   Many of you likely made a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape in 2013, but what did you do today to keep that goal?

The U.S. government’s provides this list of of popular resolutions and ways to help you keep yours, with specific resources for getting fit, losing weight, and eating healthier food, among many others.

Many gyms were closed for January 1 but Flex Fitness in Arab opened at noon for their members to start the year off with exercise.

“This is the first day, you’ve got to make your good first step,” Corey Kimbrell said.

He said exercising is a resolution he renews every year and he tries to come five times a week, however even this recreation regular sometimes gets sidetracked.

“If I find myself not coming every once in a while, I end up slacking off, I’ll stay out a week or two, and I can tell whenever I’ve been out of the gym for a week or two,” he said.

“I just don’t feel as healthy as I usually do.”

Habits stick, whether it’s going to the gym or staying home–which takes less effort.

“The hardest part about coming to a gym is just walking in that front door, and the motivation will come after that,” personal trainer and gym instructor Nicholas Harris said.

He said when people see results they will want to keep coming back but it takes time.

Harris said there is generally an increase in membership and attendance after New Year’s Day every year, but it decreases significantly within two or three months.

Grant Mims said the gym gets hectic at the start of each year.

“Usually during January there are way more people, and it’s kind of hard to get on machines sometimes,” Mims said about the crowds,

“People usually make their resolution but they can’t keep to it because working out hurts so they stop because it’s too much and they can’t make time for it,” he said.

Harris said as a personal trainer, the most effective methods to maintain resolutions and a regular regimen is to find exercises that are fun and to have camaraderie with others at the gym to help everyone stay motivated.

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