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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s time for another installment of “K9 Patrol” as we highlight some of the cutest in law enforcement that serves and protects our communities across North Alabama, and this week we’re circling back to DeKalb County!

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputy Micah McCreary and Tracking K9 “Amos Moses” (who goes by Moses) are both outstanding in their own rights, but together they’re a pretty incredible force!

We asked Deputy McCreary to tell us a little bit about Moses and his absolutely loveable face.

“Moses loves anything he can get his mouth on! He also loves to get his ears rubbed on and belly rubs,” said McCreary.

Moses, who just celebrated his fifth birthday in January, was born in Springville, Arkansas. Before the bloodhound was paired up with Deputy McCreary, his partner and handler was Deputy Brooke Smith, who told us that Moses has been with the sheriff’s office for nearly 3 years now.

If Moses’ name sounds a little familiar, then you’re probably thinking about that time he caught three burglary suspects red-handed last November.

Deputy McCreary says Moses’ main role is to track down criminals and help find missing people. Moses is nationally certified in “Tracking and Trailing” through the National Organization Certifying Search and Rescue (NOCSAR).

Not only that, but Deputy McCreary holds his own national certification as a handler with the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office, along with owning his own business, McCreary K-9 Facility located in Scottsboro. As if all of that wasn’t enough to keep the deputy busy, he’s currently working on multiple TV shows with K9’s and dog training.

McCreary K-9 Facility is currently raising funds that will go toward their emotional support dog program that provides animals to children and veterans.

Like most dogs, Moses thoroughly enjoys his job.

“Once we start a track, he doesn’t like to walk,” said Deputy Smith. “He loves to run and sniff at the same time! He loves to drag me through the woods, thickets and briar patches…we have fun. He’s stubborn and loves behind his ear to be scratched. And he also loves to ride in the passenger seat every now and then instead of being in that dog cage.”

Deputy McCreary and K9 Moses also love visiting the local schools, showing off his awesome howl, and getting lots of love from the kids!