MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) — A man charged with killing three people in Guntersville in 2018 has a parole hearing in August, according to the Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles (ABPP).

Jimmy O’Neal Spencer’s next chance of parole will be at his August 9 hearing.

According to Matthew Estes, Communications Director for the ABPP, the Board revoked Spencer’s parole on August 21, 2018, after he was charged with multiple counts of capital murder in Marshall County.

Spencer was charged in 2018 with killing 7-year-old Colton Lee, his great-grandmother Marie Martin, and her neighbor Martha Reliford.

A jury trial for their murders has been set for October 17, 2022, at the Marshall County Courthouse. He faces a total of seven counts of capital murder, and, according to court documents, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Estes says at the time of the murders, Spencer was on parole on two life sentence charges for second-degree burglary and first-degree escape.

Jimmy O’Neal Spencer
(Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Just months before the murders, Spencer was released from prison and sent to a halfway house in Birmingham where he stayed for three weeks instead of the six months he was supposed to be there. He then made his way to Guntersville where he had several run-ins with the law before the triple homicide.

“After revoking his parole, the Board set Spencer for reconsideration after three years,” said Estes. “The upcoming August date is that scheduled parole hearing.”

Estes added that following any parole being revoked, reconsideration hearings are required. He says that Spencer’s multiple capital murder charges don’t affect his eligibility for parole consideration, though he states, “the Board will thoroughly consider the new charges and case history before making its decision.”