Jackson County’s Commission is purchasing new equipment for the public works’ department

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Over the past year, Jackson County's engineer worked to modernize the public works' fleet.

"We've had a lot of older equipment and equipment that's cost us a whole lot on maintenance. In addition we've had dollars that build up that can only be used on equipment purposes," said Commissioner Matthew Hodges of the Jackson County Commission.

With this money, they look to buy a sign truck.

"Like a bucket truck so that we can place our signs, stop signs, county road signs, anything like that," said Hodges.

Two dump trucks...

"We're getting more and more into paving, what little we can do. And with some of the savings we should be able to do a little more paving in the future. So having those dump trucks is important for that process as well as a lot of activities they handle everyday."

...And a dirt patching truck..

"We do a whole lot of patching in order to take care of roadways that are in disrepair and with a dirt patcher we'll be able to do things maybe with some cold mix you may not be able to do otherwise," explained Hodges.

The new additions will be more cost efficient.

"Through the sale of the old things and the savings we're getting from maintenance costs, we're able to do some of these things and get a piece of equipment we do need that we may not have had in the past."

These new pieces will also add more safety to the employees that use them.

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