Jackson County Sheriff’s Office wants you to remain safe during outdoor activities

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - These kinds of incidents happen every year.

"We have people that are untrained that go around these caves and end up hurt. It's very, very dangerous to go in these things even if you have a rope," said Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

And unless you are trained to do these kinds of things, "It's very, very dangerous and you fall from these kinds of distances. You're lucky if you live," said Harnen.

There are a few tips to remember before you do your outdoor activities.

"Whether you're going in a cave, hiking, boating, or hunting; make sure somebody knows where you're going to be and give them an estimated time on when you'll be getting back."

Just in case you don't arrive to your destination on time, someone can call for help.

"We find out all the time that people go to Walls of Jericho or they go hiking in Bucks' Pocket and no one knows where they're at," said Harnen.

Do not rely on your cellphone.

"There are areas in this county where there's no cell service."

Last but not least, always be prepared for the activity.

"If you're going hiking make sure you take some water," stressed Harnen. "This humidity is terrible and everyone knows that. You have to stay hydrated or you can easily get ill and have a problem."

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