Jackson County Sheriff’s Office encourages hikers to stay safe at the Walls of Jericho

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – “I can’t tell you how many times during the summer we’ll get calls from people that are either lost or have gone down the bottom and can’t get back up.”

The Walls of Jericho is a six mile walk, three miles down the trail and of course three miles back up.

“What people need to realize is if they’re going down that mountain, they also have to realize they have to come back up. So it’s a very difficult walk going up the mountain,” says Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen.

Chief Deputy Harnen says make sure you have a few things on hand before you hike.

“Obviously take water and some food, a cellphone for you sure. Cellphone has very limited coverage down there.”

And those attempting the hike are advised not to go it alone.

“Make sure somebody knows where you’re at. Make sure you give them a time you’re suppose to be back. It’s best to not go by yourself, so that if you do get into some trouble you’ll have somebody there to help you out.”

Walls of Jericho isn’t for novice hikers. So if you aren’t in the best of shape, the trail may not be for you.

“And understand that anytime you can’t make it out, it takes an effort from a lot of people, a lot of volunteers. A lot of agencies to go and get you out so it’s not only time consuming but it’s also costly.”

Now it may seem like a lot of rules to remember, but the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office wants you to stay safe while having fun.

“Yea we live in an outdoors area. We love our mountains, a lot of rivers and things like that. People like to go out and enjoy and we certainly encourage that,” says Chief Deputy Harnen.

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